Camps 9 GPS POI

Camps 9 GPS POI

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply instruct your GPS to tell you where the nearest low-cost or free stopover site is located? Well, now you can thanks to CAMPS 9 GPS POI.

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Product Description

With this handy addition you can easily find low cost campsites, caravan parks, station stays, national parks and rest areas around Australia while you are on the road.

CAMPS 9 POI has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the CAMPS 9 book, taking you to a whole new level of travel.

When you order CAMPS 9 GPS POI we will email you a specific file for your GPS. Simply connect your GPS, install the file and you are ready to go!

Once installed, you can find out where your nearest Camps 9 location is or instruct your GPS to take you to a particular site, e.g. ‘site 199’. It’s simple and easy to use.

Please note CAMPS 9 numbering is different to CAMPS 7 & 8. Make sure you order the POI file that matches your CAMPS publication. Detailed instructions are included with your purchase.

Downloads to suit for:

  • Aldi’s Go Cruise
  • Garmin Nuvi, Zumo, Dezl and more
  • Sygic 
  • iGo – most GPS units running iGo navigation software
  • NAVMAN – All models except S30, EZ15, EZY30, EZY40 or EZY45
  • Navig8r range of units
  • Navigon GPS units only – NOT suitable for SMARTPHONE versions
  • OziExplorer (Name search format) only
  • Land Rover, Range Rover &  Discovery Factory Dash Units
  • Polaris in Dash units using SYGIC  & iGO software
  • TomTom – most models –
  • Toyota Factory Dash Units 
  • UNIDEN iGo series
  • VMS portables – all models, iGo 
  • Zenec 


NOTE: You will be transferred to the ‘GPSOZ’ web site for the purchased and download for this product.

Additional Information

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5.00 out of 5

1 review for Camps 9 GPS POI

  1. 5 out of 5

    Camps 9 purchased the hard cover book with photos and the POI software
    I have a Pajero and the book fits in the door sleeve

    Just downloaded the POI onto my Garmin NUVI
    Easy to use
    they say to navigate to categories and down to the Garmin 9 section.
    I just put in the number from the front search screen and it displays all the that number camp sites.
    eg I put in 283 and each 283 site for all states appeared for selection.
    easy as

    Love it

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