Philip and Cathryn travel over 50,000 km each year researching, visiting and documenting locations across Australia while talking to travellers along the way. They seek out the best places to camp in Australia and share these special sites with thousands of travellers.

Since 2006, the adventurous pair have covered over 525,000 km across, around and over Australia. They have always been an outdoor couple, with fishing and camping playing a big part in their lives.

Since taking over Camps Australia Wide in April 2006 with the aim to share their travel experiences and insights through Australian Camping and Caravanning guides. Their product line includes the highly sought after camp site and tourist park guides, as well as their innovative Camps App and Camps GPS POI navigation tools.

On their recent travels doing updates and uncovering new Free and Low cost sites they had a number of travellers ask about a rumor that they had sold the business, and it was to Big4. Well that stunned them , as they have not sold to anyone and have no intention of selling. So if you hear this rumor you can knock it on the head as its not true……..

The next edition Camps 9th edition will go on sale in late February 2017 .

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Current van and tow vehicle, look out for us on the road….

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Life Before Camps Australia Wide

In the early days Philip was introduced to RV’s when he travelled Europe as a young man in the early 70s. Travelling around Europe for 3 years in a VW Kombi Van gave him his first experience of free and low cost camping.

Fennell-001 Fennell-002

In more recent times Philip worked with the Avis-Budget Car Rental Group in Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne while Cathryn worked with Ansett Airlines . During this time they travelled extensively to all parts of Australia by car and campervan, for both work and holidays.

A sea change in 2003 saw Philip and Cathryn sell up in Melbourne and go on the road full time for a year and a half. Armed with their trusty Nissan Patrol and Scenic Caravan, they travelled over 70, 000 km and ended up on the Sunshine Coast in 2005.

Their travel experiences, passion and insights naturally lead to the culmination of Camps Australia Wide and their high quality, comprehensive products.